Friday, December 7, 2012

Quitting Heaven - Colorless…

I’m posting all our Quitting Heaven and AWAKE albums to GrooveShark and thought I would introduce them here, one by one, with a little history.


Listen Here

Quitting Heaven’s Colorless… was written based upon a theme.  There was a person I knew, a friend that got hooked on some hard stuff and their life was falling.  As much as one person can try to help, they really can’t.  That was where I was.  Standing outside, watching this friend fade away.  It was like I knew I could solve the problem, but they wouldn’t let me inside to help.  So I watched and they hit bottom.  This album reflects that story in a real vague manner, but if you follow the lyrics and the emotion, you can probably follow the story.

Colorless… was also, probably our best recording effort.  Even with inexpensive equipment and done at the kitchen table, I think it compares to a lot of recording studio quality music.

Anyway…here is Quitting Heaven’s Colorless…

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