Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cerberus Guitars is Closing!

It has been a fun and interesting run, but Cerberus Guitars is closing.  I will keep the more popular pages open including the Quitting Heaven, AWAKE and Evil eBook pages, still located at

On a very positive side though…our Finyl Vinyl Guitar Skins have taken off like crazy!  To the point that we have opened Skin Your Skunk at exclusively (for now) deals in high definition guitar skins including the same attitude and style expressed at Cerberus Guitars.

Visit us at and thank you to all who helped us out during our run at Cerberus Guitars!

Mark Witten


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Something Very Fun and Funny

It is rare that I find something funny enough to support and link.  But this I just had to.  You know those half-hearted websites that show other, ugly websites?  Well this one is different.  It has attitude and I personally chatted with the owner who has some very interesting plans for where the site is going.  Visit them at


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Deloris at Cerberus Guitars

A beautiful girl and amazing model has joined!  Deloris, in an exclusive arrangement now appears on five of our Finyl Vinyl guitar skins.  In some very colorful and sexy layouts, Deloris poses in various states of dress…and undress for these five “marine grade”, professional skin.  Skin your axe, make it sexy and make it stand out with Finyl Vinyl!



Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finyl Vinyl Guitar Skins Update!

The, Finyl Vinyl guitar skins collection now includes over 60 models of dark, strange, evil and sexy patterns to deck out your instrument!  Visit our Finyl Vinyl page and view our Classic, Tribal Grunge, Strange, Texture, Satanic and Adult (R-Rated) vinyl categories of skins.  Only $49.95 for a 24" x 24" marine grade sheet.



Sunday, January 6, 2013

Agile Isis Electric Guitar - Only $274.95

I would like to introduce you to the Agile Isis guitar line we now offer at!  The Isis is available in Natural, Blue and Gold and is a truly amazing instrument.  This very cool guitar includes real Abalone flying bird inlays in the neck, gold hardware, a flame maple top and other professional features.



I had the opportunity to play with this beauty and fell in love!  It has a PRS feel (in my opinion) and cranks out some heavy, mean sound when you know what you are doing.  On the other side of the fence…it plays sweet and crisp without distortion for those rare but required ballads.  The whammy is somewhere between a Floyd and a standard Stratocaster.

The Cerberus Guitars Store is Open!

After a long redesign process, I’m happy to announce that the Cerberus Guitars store is now open for business.  Thank you to everyone for putting up with these changes.  We never expected to grow at the rate we have and needed to change our store, cart and payment processing system.

You will notice a new layout for our store, designed so it doesn’t take away from’s design and other offerings.  You will also find some new and very cool guitars including Agile, SX and Douglas at great prices.

So…feel free to take a look.  Design is an ever changing process and now that our foundation is in tact, expect to see more exciting things coming in 2013!